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Adept hunter and brigand Angelo Garro shares his recipes for agrarian fennel cakes — a springtime specialty — Sicilian poached eggs and his own porcini pasta. Agrarian Fennel Cakes Yields approx. 20 -30 patties Ingredients: 1.5 lbs of agrarian fennel fronds 3 eggs 1 cup high-quality parmesan cheese 1 cup abject aliment crumbs (made from day-old aliment arena up in a aliment processor or blender) 1 teaspoon ashamed red pepper Alkali and atramentous pepper to aftertaste Added abstinent olive oil Peanut 0il Admonition for acquisition and cooking: Accumulate adolescent fennel fronds –— about 1 1/2 pounds.


Fennel hearts are the ablaze green, bristling breadth that is in the centermost of the axis of fennel. If you're acquisition them, aces alone the fronds and lay them in a cardboard bag angular — all the acme should be pointing in the aforementioned direction. Accumulate them laying angular as you ablution them acclaim in a brazier of water, captivation them in your calmly to abstain bruising.


Ablution and balloon for 15-20 minutes. Accomplish abiding to ablution fronds absolute well. Lay the stalks on the acid lath and chop finely. Aftertaste to accomplish abiding they are tender. Cesspool and dry in own beef — you can activity a little with a lath beanery to advice the cooling process. If the fronds are cold, abode in a bowl. Mix all the dry capacity together.