If you choose a mini blender, you will probably not have problems with it for years. It is however better that you do go for one with a warranty because you never know what can happen.

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Do you know which type of animal is most responsible for allergic reactions in people? You guessed it, household pets. Animals that live in the home are the most common cause for activating pet allergies within a person. Many believe that the fur of their companion; like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, or others are the source of the problem. However, it is believed that the real culprit is pet dander.

Exactly, what is pet dander? It is matter that some animals shed from their bodies. A discovery has been made that the oil glands in animal skin releases proteins and that these proteins are the main substances that causes allergies. These proteins are disposed of from the animal's skin and are known as dander. Your carpets and furniture are prime areas where dander can settle, remaining anywhere from four to six weeks. Here is one way you can rid these areas and others within your home of allergens that could possibly trigger an allergic reaction?