Of course you don't have to have Ice shaver in your smoothies. You can blend just about any fresh or frozen fruit with your favorite juice. For that creamy smoothie consistency try adding some frozen banana slices to any smoothie. Other great options are soy, rice or almond milk. Just blend your favorite fruit with one of those dairy free "milk" products. If you are trying to up the protein content of your smoothie and make it a little more filling, add some soft tofu to your smoothie. Just be sure to add a little splash of soy milk or juice to think it out to a drinkable consistency.

Last but not least, let's talk about sweeteners. They are of course completely optional and whether or not you need them depends on how sweet the fruit you are using is. For smoothies made with vanilla or fruit yogurt and orange juice (both of which contain some sugar already) I don't add any extra sweetener.


When I do add a sweetener it is usually stevia, a natural no-calorie sweetener. Other options are sugar, simple syrup or honey. Don't add any sweetener until you had a chance to taste it first. If you feel it does need that little extra sweetness, add a little and blend it in for a few seconds.A single of the most widespread varieties of foodstuff gadgetry is commercial food mixers. These mixers are produced for processing foods, and are usually utilised in restaurants and locations that need a whole lot of foodstuff to be processed and combined on a typical basis. It is certainly a useful device in any huge kitchen area.

By making use of this sort of technologies in the kitchen area, you will be capable to help save a great deal of guide labor and time. You will not have to have folks processing, mixing, and mixing the meals, considering that you can have the device do it instead. This will lighten workload on your employees, and enable you to conserve income on payroll as effectively.