The Incredibles: Steam Comb is regarded as one of the finest efforts of Pixar in the animation realm. Superheroes are a profitable business as the company proved with this anime movie. Although it bears numerous similarities with the Fantastic Four, the Incredibles is not based on a comic book series. It shows a dysfunctional family of superheroes and offers plenty of action for the kids.

WALL-E: The theme of isolation is very common in most of the animation movies made by Pixar. The crowning achievement of the studio is WALL-E, which depicts loneliness in a breathtaking manner. It also shows the desire of every individual to connect with someone. This robot turned out to be completely different from the typical ones and had a fantastic outlook.


Beauty and The Beast: A story as old as time, this is perhaps one of the best animated movies ever to grace the cinematic screen. Walt Disney came up with this musical fantasy that became an important commercial success for the company. It became more than just any other cartoon, judging from the reaction of the audience and the Oscar nomination it received.


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