The Hippocrates juicer or the Norwalk juicer are the best cold press juicers for opening the cellulose wall of the vegetables in such a way that the absolute maximum enzymes and nutrients available are extracted into the juice and there is a good yield and the driest pulp to It’s a good idea to ask yourself the following questions to help you decide which type cold press juicer would best suit your needs.

It is completely possible that you are curious to buy a juicer. Do you want to juice mostly vegetables and just alternate juicing a little fruit to make the vegetable juice more palatable (according to the healthy juicing principles of These are the best choices for a reliable result for your hard earned cash
If you are a health enthusiast.
If you have indeed decided to buy a cold press juicer instead of a centrifugal juicer, how do you know which cold press juicer is the best one to buy? Not just the best juicer on the market, but the best juicer for you, because it depends somewhat on what you want to juice. There are Steam Iron brush a few other makes and models which have been copied off the original Oscar juicers, but none offer as higher yield and as dry a pulp (less waste) as the Oscar and Omega juicers
If you are suffering from a life threatening illness.... When it comes to juicing, do you see yourself as a novice, a health enthusiast or are you suffering from a life-threatening illness? Here you are asking yourself how educated you are about juicing and health

If have any Steam Comb or long-standing health complaints and see cold press juicing as a way of turning your health around, you would be most inclined to buy a twin gear juicer or a hydraulic press juicer. We have provided food for thought for people who are wanting to purchase a new one.

There are many other makes and models of varying degrees of quality and performance.If you are reasonable well educated on the subject of cold press juicing, you will most likely buy and be happy with a single gear horizontal juicer such as the Oscar Neo DA-1000, the Oscar Vital Max 900 or the Omega juicer. Do you want to juice specialised super foods such as pomegranate juice and aloe vera?

If you are new to juicing, you will most likely purchase and be happy with a single gear vertical juicer such as the Hurom juicer, the Biochef juicer or the Omega Vert. Norman Walker)