kitchen-home-appliance who have just recently gotten married, or have decided to live together, choosing appliances for the home can become confusing. It may even be a source of conflicts. One appliance they must consider purchasing (if one has not been given to them as a wedding gift, or a housewarming present), is a blender. Blenders are wondrous contraptions. They are very useful in making beverages, soups, sauces as well as other delightful additions to sumptuous meals.

There are several factors that you may want to consider before purchasing a blender. You and your partner should first agree on a budget, the type of blender you want to buy, the particular model that you want, the special features that may suit your particular needs, and even the color and material of the blender.

There are generally two types of blenders: the traditional blenders and the immersion blenders. The traditional blenders have containers, called carafes, with markings for measuring purposes. These carafes have a cover which prevents the contents of the carafe from spilling while the blender is in operation. Traditional blenders are powered by a motor, which is located below the carafe.

The motor has various speed settings and controls the rotation of the metal blades at the bottom of the carafe. The immersion blender, also known as a stick blender, has no container but has blades located within its mixing head. It is used by immersing the mixing head into the ingredients that you want to blend. It is powered by small motor located within its handle. This type of blender is used in blending soups and sauces placed in deep bowls or pots.