There is no basic difference between latest electronic gadgets and unusual gadgets. If any difference really exists that is only at the mental level. An electronic gadget may be unusual for the one and simple for the other. Thus it all depends on the individual perception. By the way there is a craze for latest electronic gadgets in our society. People consider them unusual gadgets and wish to have them. Unusual gadgets are not only for show off. They have got utmost importance in our day to day lives. In fact they are extremely useful in many different ways. They serve all the purpose ranging from business to entertainment.

If you wish to buy an unusual gadget you may check out internet to get a list of unusual gadgets including latest electronic gadgets. Take a look at some unusual gadgets which serve to be a good source of entertainment. In the line of such gadgets first one is automated twirling spaghetti fork. It is operated by batteries called AAA batteries. You can taste pasta very quickly with the help of this fork. So if you are foodie kind of stuff you can always go for it. Second but one of the unique unusual gadgets is Door stopper. It has got the shape of a woman shoe. It is used to hold the door fixed at one place. It is said to be ideal for the bachelors.


Next in the line is gas powered blender. For example Daiquiri Whacker gadget is run by gas and so it is quite portable to carry. You can celebrate a party at the place of your choice and use this gadget to drink your favorite flavor with your near and dear ones and enjoy the get together. It very easy to operate this gadget and is also not very costly in terms of money. Crusin cooler is also a unique gadget which serves two basic necessities of life. It is also portable and can be carried any where easily. It is used to cool food or beverage as per your suitability. This cooler can also be used for races, golfing, camping and other sporting events. It is operated by both gas and electric.


Some electronic gadgets may also be called unusual gadgets as they are unique in their operation. One such gadget is GPS system. A cell phone with GPS system can be of best use in tracking the right path in case of any confusion while outing. It serves to be a guide for the user. Likewise i-pad is also an electronically operated gadget that is used for more than one purpose at a time. It can be used in surfing, watching movies, video conferencing and downloading the data.